We’re more surrounded by technology and choices than at any point in human history. Every day we are bombarded with research and new options for investment. Technology has made it possible to make and manage investments from the palm of our hands. With all these opportunities, it can be easy to wonder: why should I hire a financial advisor? 

The answer, of course, is that managing your investments is more than picking a few stocks or funds and checking on them periodically. Your investments are purposeful and work for you. You know where we’re going in good times and bad. An advisor helps develop a financial plan tailored to your needs.

What Does A Financial Advisor Do?

A financial advisor is a trained professional who works with you to create a comprehensive financial strategy to reach your personal financial goals. While this includes helping you choose investments, it’s much broader than that, building a savings plan, debt management, health care, and even tax planning.    

Your financial advisor is a resource and educator answering your questions and comparing investment strategies. Your advisor will also be able to help you assess the tax consequences of various approaches, allowing you to choose an investment strategy that meets short and long-term financial goals.

Financial Advisors Can Help You Negotiate Life Transitions

Everyone thinks about consulting a financial planner as they near retirement. Still, advisors can help you navigate all of life’s transitional moments, including purchasing a home, paying back student loans, combining your finances with a partner, planning for a child’s education, and of course, retirement. Suppose you’re uncertain about how to prepare for these moments. In that case, a financial advisor can help you understand your options and create a plan that offers you the flexibility to adjust as your circumstances change. The earlier you start planning the easier these transitions will be.

An Advisor Can Help You Avoid Emotional Decision Making

Strategic thinking can be more complex than it seems in the abstract. For example, you may want to take advantage of a strong stock market but be uncertain about getting started or concerned about the potential risk of loss. 

If that hot tip you read or heard ignited your investment prowess, having a second opinion to educate you on the risks and benefits can be a money saver. A solid strategic plan can help you ride out the economy’s ups and downs, taking advantage of strong markets and minimizing the risk of loss in an uncertain world. If uncertainty is holding you back, speaking with an advisor can help you overcome those angst.   

An Advisor Can Help You Deal with An Unusual Financial Situation

Understanding your finances and options can feel like an overwhelming task, but an advisor can help break it down and create a plan that works best for you. Whether you own your own business, have debt to deal with, or are in another compromised investment, a financial advisor can help you create an investment strategy that optimizes potential return and stabilizes risk. A one-size-fits-all approach may work for some investors but not for everyone. 

An Advisor Can Create A Plan That Is Consistent With Your Values

Many contemporary investors want to look beyond financial returns and invest in products that reflect their values. A knowledgeable advisor can help you understand this analysis and find the right balance of investments. An advisor can help you evaluate investment options that support companies whose social and ethical stances are consistent with your own. Incorporating environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors in financial analysis can help you find suitable investment vehicles for you.

An Advisor Can Help You Respond To Changes

A financial plan shouldn’t be a static document. It needs re-assessment at least annually and adjustments made to your strategies and goals when required. Most busy people don’t have the time or the background to revisit their plan and make sure it’s staying up to date as circumstances and goals change. Hiring an advisor can help you undertake the difficult task of checking in with your long-term investments periodically and make sure nothing falls through the cracks as your life changes. 

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