I’ve had a passion for financial planning, wealth creation, and investing. I have always believed our health and wealth are instrumental to the enjoyment of our lives and families. For 38 years I was a trader in various financial markets. Now, I am fortunate to fuel my passion by helping my clients build and manage their financial assets. While I have the breadth and depth to meet the needs of a broad range of investors, my focus is on helping families and individual investors successfully navigate the challenges we all face in today’s financial world.

While markets, solutions, and services have increased with the level of complexity and speed of change in the financial services arena, my firm’s approach to serving our clients and their families has stood the test of time.

I build a rapport with my clients that helps them feel comfortable and unafraid to talk about their money and their most cherished financial goals. Knowing you and understanding what your needs are today – and what they will be tomorrow – are key to successful financial management. I truly believe investing can be simple. With a little “invested” time and quality advice, we can all experience financial success in our lives.

I have been fortunate to serve clients and their families who have trusted me to provide them with solutions through their life events, increasingly complex financial situations, and ever-changing markets. Our core services are comprehensive planning, tailored solutions, best-in-class portfolio management, and premium service. Our clients’ needs and the solutions we provide are across the financial services spectrum: growth of capital, capital preservation, income, college funding, retirement planning, estate planning, risk management, philanthropic giving, etc.

I would welcome the opportunity to be your source of advice.